Project progression

MediGlove was born as a study project concerning Wearable-Technologies, which was supervised by Hermann Wolfram Klöckner at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. It was based on the competition “Make it wearable!“ by Intel Technologies. Unfortunately, our participation here remained unsuccessful.

Without being discouraged, we decided to submit this project to the Zukunftspreis für Kommunikation 2014, which is sponsored by the DVPT. This time, we received two awards by Cisco Systems and mm1 Consulting & Management. Moreover, we were invited to join the fair Cisco Connect to talk to experts and network. 

Another half year later, we went to Stuttgart to participate at a one-day intensive lean-startupcoaching at mm1. There, we were able to concretize our project and gather important information concerning a possible realization. Additionally, mm1 decided to accompany us as our business partner at the BESTFORM-Award by the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt. Currently, we are amongst the final nine - it remains exciting.

The paper Mitteldeutsche Zeitung (March 11, 2015) as well as the professional magazine PAGE (07/2015) featured the project MediGlove in their printed as well as online versions.

The project is continually being refined. In doing so, we look for active, technophile, open-minded partners who want to join us and help the project to reach the next level. If you’re interested, please contact us at