MediGlove is an innovative wearable designed for more comfortable phyiscal examinations. It combines a number of conventional instruments, such as the stethoscope and thermometer, in just one new device. MediGlove replaces dated methods with modern sensor technology.

The device helps physicians to collect body data and organise it with a PC. MediGlove also betters the feeling during checks-ups, especially for children.

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How it works

The MediGlove interface sits directly on the glove and utilises high-tech sensors, which, when triggered by contact with the patient's skin, start to measure the requested data. MediGlove has proven to relax the situation for both patients and doctors based on this gentle, trust-building gesture.

While measuring various body functions, MediGlove also sends out an acoustic signal indicating for the doctor where injuries or inflammations may sit in the patient's body.

All retrieved data is stored in a digital patient file via a wireless processing module. The file is accessible to every doctor one consults and it keeps record of the progression and physical levels that were examined. Medical check-ups have never been gentler, easier, or as sustainable as they are with MediGlove.

The gathered medical information is stored in databases which can be read by physicians and the patients at all times. The MediGlove approach has been statistically-proven to make the patient-doctor interaction more trustworthy and transparent.

MediGlove is fabricated from high-quality materials and integrated with the latest technology. It is designed to make physical examinations more comfortable for patients while enabling physicians to share information from any treatment room on Earth.

MediGlove - The Future of Physical Examination


About us

Philipp Rösler

Eigentlich bin ich Grafiker aus Leipzig. Nach dem Studium des Integrated Design in Dessau konnte ich mein Arbeitsfeld jedoch nochmal deutlich erweitern: Interaction- und Social Design sowie Design Thinking sind mir sehr ans Herz gewachsen. MediGlove ist ein Lieblingsprojekt geworden, bei dem alles zueinanderfindet.

Thomas Kores

Ich bin geborener Hallenser und komme ursprünglich aus dem Grafik- und Produktbereich. Meine Umwege über Kommunikations-
wissenschaften und Soziologie führten mich nach Dessau zum Integrated Design. Mich interessieren die Prozesse der Welt, deren Zusammenhänge untereinander sowie deren Entwicklung.